The most authentic shawarma restaurant in Leeds! Our mission is simple: to bring a taste of the Levant to the heart of the UK.


We're based in central Leeds on Duncan Street, and we're here because we saw a need for better, more authentic shawarma in the UK. We take our inspiration from the rich culinary traditions of the Levant, a region in the eastern Mediterranean that includes Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine (among others).


At Sqew, we use ingredients from as far away as Lebanon and Palestine to ensure that every bite is bursting with authentic flavour. We make all of our sauces and marinades fresh in-house, so you can be sure that every dish is made with love and care. Whether you're a die-hard shawarma fan or just looking to try something new, we invite you to come and experience the authentic taste of the Levant at Sqew. So come on down and let us take your taste buds on a journey they won't forget!